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2018-11-08 / Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Remember true meaning of Veterans Day

Veterans Day is soon here. It is a day all veterans remember their association with the buddies they served with.

Many are still here, many have passed on. It is a somber day for veterans, but for too many Americans it is a day to catch the big sales at the mall or just to relax from their daily grind on the job. The true meaning of this day is almost lost.

Veterans are all around us. Most don’t talk about their experiences. Their service almost becomes invisible.

Although there are fewer and fewer of them as the years go by, there are many still around us. Your mailman may have been awarded a Bronze Star for his bravery in Vietnam. The nurse who just gave you a flu shot still has nightmares of when her Humvee ran over a road bomb killing two of her squad. Your butcher, who limps badly, was awarded a Purple Heart for the wound he got at the Battle of the Bulge. These are things we don’t know about. Look around, vets are all around us.

Today, although the news from the Middle East has been quiet, let’s not forget that we still have Americans serving there. They don’t have the luxury of a day off from work. Their job is 24/7. And don’t forget their families. They will be observing a somber holiday without a loved one.

Enjoy this day at the mall or the movies, but remember that without the sacrifices of our veterans this would not be possible. Remind family and friends of the true meaning of this day. Especially inform the kids what these veterans went through for them. They are our future Americans. Make sure you fly Old Glory to show your support for our active military men and women and their families.

The veterans of the Orchard Park American Legion wish all a happy and patriotic Veterans Day.

Gene Blamowski Legion Post 567 Orchard Park

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