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2018-10-11 / Front Page

Town engineer believes Burmon Drive project is three weeks behind schedule


Hoping to have the project completed before the snow flies, Town Engineer Wayne Bieler informed town officials that work on the reconstruction of Burmon Drive is three weeks behind schedule.

“They’re getting a lot done, but we’ve been asking for more people and trying to get stuff moving,” said Bieler during the Oct. 3 Town Board work session. “It’s moving, but it’s obviously a concern of ours.”

Zoladz Construction took over the project from Accadia Site Contracting in May after a stop-work order for breaches of the town’s contract was placed on the former contractor in March.

Bieler said Zoladz Construction has three crews on the project currently. The crews have been working on water transfers. Once the water transfers are complete, a crew will begin to work on stormwater system and box out the road.

To box out the road, crews will set up the width, length and depth of the floor and then dig into a sub-base before applying any covering, such as asphalt, to the road.

Bieler said the crews will start paving 1,200 feet of Abbott Road, which intersects with Burmon, constructing gutters and doing other site work.

“They’re going to have a good portion of it paved from the standpoint of if we’re boxed out, we can pave it,” Bieler said.

Councilman Eugene Majchrzak still believes it will be difficult to recoup the time.

“It’s going to be tough to make up three weeks in six weeks,” said Majchrzak about the delay.

One of Majchrzak’s concerns centers around getting some asphalt applied to the road before winter weather arrives. The asphalt is usually not sold after Thanksgiving.

“We don’t necessarily have to have the finishing course on there, it’s just we have to have more than the sub-base, which is just rock and stone, and that would be almost impossible to keep plowed without tearing it up,” Majchrzak said.

The $2.9 million project includes a new waterline, sanitary sewer system, drainage storm system, gutters, sidewalks and roadway.

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