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2018-09-13 / Local News

Burmon residents ask for update on roadwork completion


Still waiting on their road to be reconstructed, two residents of Burmon Drive have asked the Town Board for a status report on when the project will be finished.

Work on Burmon began in November and continued in early March with Accadia Site Contracting, until the Depew-based company was hit with a stop work order on March 20 for alleged breaches of the town’s contract with the company.

Since then, a lawsuit has been ongoing in state Supreme Court between the two entities, and the town terminated its contract with the company on April 4.

Attempting to still get the project completed within the calendar year, the town awarded a $2.9 million contract to Alden-based Zoladz Construction on May 29 to finish the job.

The new contractor has been working with two crews on the reconstruction, but residents are still inquiring about when the work will be done. The project includes a new waterline, sanitary sewer system, drainage storm system, gutters, sidewalks and roadway.

Gary Weiser, a resident of Burmon who has asked the board for updates during numerous board meetings, applauded the work that Zoladz has completed and the professionalism of the company when he spoke at the Sept. 5 Town Board meeting, but he still wanted more concrete information from the town on the project’s progress.

“We seem to be kept in the dark on what’s happening there,” Weiser said. “We’re living in it, so we would appreciate more communication from the town on this matter.”

Town Engineer Wayne Bieler said residents are notified by letter at the time a major utility will be worked on. He said this occurred with the sanitary sewer and water main installations, telling residents what to expect from the work. A letter will be coming out in the next week about storm drainage, Bieler said.

Letters will also be sent when other parts are close to being started, such as the sidewalk replacement and the installation of the roadway.

Sandy Reinlander, another Burmon resident, asked the board if anything could be done about the “big, jagged rocks” in the road, which she said has led to her son getting two flat tires on a new car.

Councilman Eugene Majchrzak asked Bieler if a grader could be used on the road to help alleviate the issue of flat tires. Bieler said he would suggest it to Zoladz.

Supervisor Patrick Keem also said his office has received calls of drivers getting flat tires because of the rocks on Burmon.

The project is expected to be completed “before the snow flies,” according to Bieler.

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