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2018-08-09 / Local News

Sonnet Drive residents question Highway Department’s upkeep of area


Two residents from Sonnet Drive expressed concerns about a lack of attention to the Vineyard Trail subdivision regarding lawn and walking path cleanliness.

Deborah Lowry, of Sonnet Drive, said there are two ponds near her residence, and the adjacent areas have not been mowed recently.

“When we moved in 2016, they were mowed twice around the area,” said Lowry during the Aug. 1 Town Board meeting. “In 2017, we got one mowing, and lots of geese were hiding their nests, and in 2018 we also had one mowing, so we were down a mowing each year.”

Lowry said the Knoche Farm subdivision, which is across the street from Sonnet, gets three mowings a year.

Regarding the frequency of mowing, Highway Superintendent Fred Piasecki said he would look into the schedule, but he added that it should receive at least two to three mowings.

Lowry also said the lights in the ponds are not illuminating anymore. The flashing lights were used to deter geese.

Town Engineer Wayne Bieler said Lowry should contact the Homeowners Association about the problems with the lights.

Lowry also took issue with her lawn not being repaired after snowplow damage in the winter.

“I sent an email in April and one in May, with no response,” she said. “I called in June and talked with the highway superintendent and was told it was late spring and they’re backlogged and I am on the list and it will be done that week. It still hasn’t been done. We did it ourselves.”

She also wanted to know what would be done about the trees in the subdivision. She added that they were supposed to be put in last fall.

The trees have been bought and will be planted in October, but Lowry wondered when they were bought, how long they’ve been sitting and how they’re being taken care of.

“The trees that we have for the fall planting are at the compost site,” Piasecki said. “They are being taken care of by the personnel there, and they are watered every day with a sprinkling system.”

Olena May, also of Sonnet Drive, asked if the town can provide upkeep for a walking path that the town is responsible for in the subdivision.

“It’s not being maintained,” May said. “I was back there today, and within another year or two, you’re not even going to know that there is a walking path back there.”

She said the area is overgrown with grass and weeds.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 15, in Town Hall, 4295 S. Buffalo St., Orchard Park.

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