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2018-06-28 / Education

Elementary schools complete more than 10,000 acts of kindness

Orchard Park elementary schools celebrated 10,800 acts of kindness this school year in response to Rachel’s Challenge, which inspires children to act with kindness and respect for one another.

Rachel’s Challenge is a nationwide character building initiative that is based on the life and writings of the first Columbine shooting victim, Rachel Joy Scott, who showed small acts of kindness to those around her.

Her legacy lives on through Rachel’s Challenge and has been brought to all four Orchard Park elementary schools this year through the Character Education Committee. The goal of this character education program is to encourage students to act with kindness and compassion and to see the positive impact they can have on those around them.

For each kind behavior a student demonstrates, a paper chain link is made to represent an act of goodwill that creates a “chain reaction” of kindness toward others. At the end of the year, the chain links are connected to make one long chain or several long chains, and the acts of kindness are celebrated at each school’s final character education assembly. Schools have demonstrated kindness in other ways that model

Scott’s compassion for others. Eggert Elementary students Reese Politowski and Ellery Jaworowicz raised money from local businesses to purchase two Buddy Benches for the school playground.

When someone sits on a

Buddy Bench, it indicates to others that he or she needs a friend.

Ellicott Elementary students participated in the Stuff the Sneaker campaign, which brought in donations of gently used shoes that are stuffed with toiletries and are given to those in need.

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