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2018-06-07 / Local News

Village creates administrator position


Mary Beth Jensen’s role in the Village of Orchard Park is being broadened, as the current clerk treasurer will now also serve as the newly created village administrator.

Jensen was appointed at Monday’s Village Board meeting. The meeting was the first of the village’s fiscal year.

Mayor Jo Ann Litwin Clinton said the idea behind creating the position was that the village was already tasking Jensen with some of the duties of a village administrator.

“We decided to expand her role in the village into a village administrator also along with clerk treasurer,” Litwin Clinton said.

Some of the duties of the village administrator post include coordinating activities of all departments in the village, overseeing administration policies, implementing personnel policies, preparing budget materials, fiscal responsibility, reporting on the financial condition of the village to the Village Board, and overseeing village policies and procedures.

Due to the amount of projects the village is taking on, Litwin Clinton said officials will be looking to add part-time staff in the office to help with clerical work; processing bills, taxes and water payments; and answering the phones.

She added that this will also help Jensen to focus on her administrative duties.

Litwin Clinton reiterated that the village administrator and clerk treasurer would remain two separate positions even though they are occupied by the same individual.

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