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2018-02-15 / Letters to the Editor

Don’t expect NFL to fix anthem issue

Millions of Americans watched the Super Bowl last week. To real avid football fans, it is almost a holiday. Super Sunday has become a national tradition, and rightly so. I hope you were happy with the outcome, but forgotten in all the Super Bowl hype is the fact that throughout the season, the ungrateful players still knelt during the playing of our national anthem.

The NFL cleverly stopped televising the singing of our national anthem before the games, hoping the controversy would disappear. The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and true Americans made sure it didn’t.

I was glad to see the two Super Bowl teams standing with hands over their hearts during the singing of our national anthem. By doing that, they honored not only our country but also our veterans. I sincerely hope they stood because it was their choice and not because they were forced to. It was the right thing to do. Still, there are too many players who refuse to honor the sacrifices of our veterans.

The First Amendment gives them the right to voice their opinions. But what these overpaid, pampered players forget is where that right came from and who protected that right. It is wrong for them to use the sacrifices of our veterans as a platform to protest. There are thousands of other ways they can voice their gripes.

I was proud of the folks who boycotted the games, burned their expensive NFL jerseys, even their season tickets. That must have been hard to do, but they showed they love their country more than they love their team. It’s a shame that the individuals who make more money on a given Sunday than most of us will see in a lifetime don’t know how to say “thank you” to those who made it possible for them to become millionaires.

Football is over until the next season. The NFL has all summer to fix the problem. Will they? Don’t hold your breath.

Gene Blamowski Legion Post 567 Orchard Park

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