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2017-11-09 / Local News

Resident pleads with town to place stop sign at troublesome intersection


Steven Pearl is worried about the safety of his son and other children who have to wait for the school bus at what he believes is one of busiest and dangerous intersections in the town, Valley View Drive and Pine Terrace.

The Pine Terrace resident said during the Nov. 1 Town Board meeting that the intersection sees a high volume of cars in the morning when the children would be waiting for the bus.

“Literally hundreds of residents in Eagle Heights must go through Valley View and Pine Terrace to get to Jewett Holmwood Road to get to work in the morning or wherever they’re going,” Pearl said.

Pearl said if you turn left on Pine, it eventually becomes Misty Ridge Lane, which is a dead-end street. Because there is no turnaround for the school bus, the eight children are not picked up at their homes and have to wait for the bus at the intersection in question.

“That is a very icy and treacherous intersection, particularly in the winter,” Pearl said. “Many people will tell you when vehicles turn left from Pine onto Valley View to get out of Eagle Heights in the morning, the cars go sliding and they go right into where the eight children are standing. It’s just a matter of time until one of those cars hits the children.”

Pearl is pushing for the town to add a stop sign at the intersection. Due to the potential issue with students, Pearl added that Superintendent Matthew McGarrity also supports a stop sign.

There are stop signs at the neighboring intersections of Chase Road and Valley View and Eagle Heights Drive and Valley View, which Pearl said see far less traffic. Conducting his own study, Pearl said that during a 30-minute period, one car used the intersection at Chase and Valley View, while 63 cars used Valley View and Pine.

Pearl said no matter the season, the intersection causes problems for motorists.

“You have cars on Valley View turning left onto Pine and you have cars on Pine turning left on Valley View to get out. I frequently see motor vehicle accidents and arguments at that intersection,” he said.

Police Chief Mark Pacholec said that Pearl would have to bring the issue with the intersection before the Public Safety Committee before any action could be taken.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 15, in Town Hall, 4295 S. Buffalo St., Orchard Park.

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