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2017-10-12 / Local News

Village evaluating options to repaint South Buffalo Street viaduct


Mayor Jo Ann Litwin Clinton has heard the complaints from village residents about the viaduct above South Buffalo Street near the Orchard Park Country Club and is developing a plan to rectify the problem.

Litwin Clinton gave the Bee access to email exchanges with three different residents who expressed their displeasure with the lack of repainting for the viaduct.

The viaduct has been prone to vandalism and has been tagged with graffiti numerous times over the years.

“I’ve always noticed it because we’ve had so many times where people write words that shouldn’t be there and then we have to in a hurry get up there and get the word off there somehow,” Litwin Clinton said.

Some village residents look at the viaduct as an eyesore because of its patchwork nature. Litwin Clinton said the paint doesn’t match, but in each instance the village is trying to address the problem as quickly as possible.

The decision to paint the viaduct has several hurdles. It’s owned by Buffalo Pittsburgh Railroad and goes over South Buffalo Street, which is a state road, meaning involvement from the state Department of Transportation.

No work can be done by the village until both agencies are notified and approve the start of the work.

Village Attorney Phil Marshall made contact with an official from the railroad who passed along information to Litwin Clinton on what to provide the railroad company so that the village could do work on the viaduct. She is expected to speak with the official before the village’s next meeting on Monday, Oct. 23.

If both agencies agree to work being done, Litwin Clinton said the village would have to rent a lift truck and acquire the painting materials.

“My concern is once we paint it, that it will look ripe for someone to tag it again,” she said “How can you patrol it for 24 hours?”

Litwin Clinton invited all three residents who contacted the village to come to the Oct. 23 Village Board meeting and state their concerns publicly. She added that this helps to convince agencies that the issue is affecting the community.

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