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2017-08-10 / Front Page

Town extends excavation permit for Woodhaven Road


The Orchard Park Town Board approved a permit for a one-year extension for the Woodhaven Road excavation, removal and storage of materials, upsetting one residence in attendance.

The matter was discussed during the Aug. 2 Town Board meeting. Barbara Little, whose property backs up to Woodhaven, is concerned about flooding issues as fill continues to be brought to a vacant property on Woodhaven.

Little additionally asked where she could find information about the permit.

“This has been going on a long time about this deal about Woodhaven Road and the Diller subdivision, where we’re talking about roads going through and we have problems with the sewers over there now,” Little said.

Town Engineer Wayne Bieler said the permit does not allow an extension of the road, but an extension of time for the fill permit.

“They are bringing more stuff from the school, and they wanted to extend that fill permit for the area they cleared,” said Bieler, about the 4.5 acres of land that were clear-cut last July.

When the clear-cutting began, numerous residents voiced concerns about the loss of greenspace, impact on wildlife, drainage and large construction vehicles being on the narrow street.

Still concerned about flooding, Bieler told Little that if a subdivision is developed, detention ponds will be put in.

He offered Little an opportunity to look at the plans for the space.

In another matter, Lisa Young, who lives near a demolished house on Oakwood Street that was purchased by Yellow Brick LLC, asked the board if the company would be able to park cars on the lot for the Buffalo Bills upcoming preseason games.

Councilman Michael Sherry said that due to the moratorium on the expansion of parking lots that was passed earlier this year, the company would not be able to park cars in that lot.

The town also signed an agreement with Empire Geo Services to provide professional service for soil borings and subservice investigation for the community activity center for a total cost of $13,850.

According to a memo from Bieler to the Town Board, the company will perform 15 soil bores to a depth of 25 feet, three bedrock cores, two groundwater monitoring wells, five filtration tests, laboratory testing and a geotechnical evaluation for the site.

“Even though there’s no shovel in the ground over on California Road, the work’s moving right on schedule,” said Supervisor Patrick Keem, about the agreement.

The town also authorized the opening of bids for the Baker Road concrete driveway and gutter replacement project.

Keem said that after the road reconstruction took place in 2014, the concrete aprons started to crack and split. He added that residents’ complaints began to pile up.

“We’re going to bid it out so that the driveways and gutters are going to be good again over on Baker,” Keem said.

The next meeting of the Town Board will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 16, in Town Hall, 4295 S. Buffalo St., Orchard Park.

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