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2017-05-18 / Editorial

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Orchard Park Editor

CON- GRATULA- TIONS IN ORDER — Those involved with the Orchard Park High School production of “Into the Woods” received recognition for their performance last weekend at the 24th annual Kenny Awards.

The show received Kenny Awards for Outstanding Orchestral Performance and Outstanding Scenic Design.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into making the musical a success. All the students, teachers, parents and administrators who took part in helping the show receive these honors should be pleased with the work they’ve done.

The Orchard Park Bee would like to congratulate everyone involved with the “Into the Woods” production and their acquisition of two Kenny Awards.

HASHTAG IT — We know how much fun the prom can be, and we want to share in the excitement. When you’re snapping a photograph during the prom, tag your photos on social media using the Orchard Park Bee’s hashtag, #OPBee, to let everyone know you’re proud to be from our area.

LOOKING FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS — If you have an interest in taking photographs of news or sports events for one of our nine papers, we’re looking for you. Experience is preferred.

All interested parties should email five to six samples of items The Bee would run, such as school concerts and events, community forums, business openings and athletics, to dsherman@beenews.com.

All applicants should have a digital SLR camera.

PHOTOS — Send-in photos for both news and sports-related events are cornerstones of a community newspaper. While we appreciate any photo that is sent to us, here are some guidelines to follow when submitting a photo to The Bee, so it can appear in the best quality possible.

Photos taken with a cellphone have a tendency to not reproduce well in the paper and are discouraged. If, however, that is the only option for taking a photo, we would ask that you send the jpeg file as large as possible. A file with a minimum size of 500KB should suffice if there are no alternative photos from an actual digital camera available.

When sending photos via email from an iPhone, choose either the “large” or “original size” option when prompted to select the size of the photo attachment.

To ensure that you are sending a photo from an Android-based smartphone that works within the parameters necessary for high-quality reproduction in the paper, first check the image resolution in your camera settings.

To do so, open the camera app and click on the gear icon at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the photo resolution option and make sure that one of the choices at the top of the list is selected. Any of the first three options should suffice.

Making this change, if necessary, will make it so all photos taken from that point on are of that selected size until another change to the resolution size is made.

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