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2013-03-07 / Police Blotter

Canine chomps FedEx employee in stomach

Monday, Feb 4.

• Employees at the Stadium Mobile on Southwestern Boulevard reported that a black male wearing a black knit cap tried to pay for gas using a forged $20 bill.

Friday, Feb. 8

• An Orchard Park woman reported that someone used her Citizens Bank credit card to make a $76 charge for a paint-ball gun.

Tuesday, Feb. 19

• An Orchard Park man reported receiving a call from someone claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. He wanted the man to send $100 through Western Union in order to get his refund. Instead of sending money, he called the police.

Wednesday, Feb. 20

• An Orchard Park woman reported that someone used her Bank of America debit card to make eight transactions totaling $1,440.

• A Buffalo woman, 49, stole a credit card out of the wallet of a resident at Quaker’s Landing, where she was employed, and used it five different times to make charges at Delta Sonic, where she purchased everything from gas and food to Chap- Stick.

• An Orchard Park woman reported that she lost her license plates.

• Someone struck a fire hydrant on North Lake Drive, causing $1,800 in damage.

Thursday, Feb. 21

• An Orchard Park woman, 56, reported that someone used her debit card to make a $500 purchase at Target.

• A FedEx employee reported that a dog bit him in the stomach on Regalwood Drive. It was a German short-haired springer.

Friday, Feb. 22

• An Orchard Park man, 24, was charged with felony driving while intoxicated and obstruction of justice after he fought police officers while they were trying to put him into a cell at the police station.

• An Orchard Park woman reported receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service about her taxes this year. The woman, however, has not filed them yet.

• Markdown Madness reported a loss of $5,349 from its warehouse on Thorn Avenue. Among the stolen items were iPads, an electric guitar, a 14-piece copper cooking set and Legos.

Sunday, Feb. 24

• An Orchard Park woman, 44, reported that she’s been getting harassing text messages from two Alden men she met on Facebook.

Monday, Feb. 25

• An Orchard Park man was reportedly texting “mean and hurtful things” to an Orchard Park woman. Police advised him not to contact her anymore.

Wednesday, Feb. 27

• A man reported that he sold his PlayStation to GameStop on Southwestern Boulevard, and employees there told him they would remove his personal information from it. They did not, however, and the man found a $19 charge to his account for a game. Employees told him they would reimburse him for the cost and try to track down the person who bought the PlayStation.

• An Orchard Park woman reported being struck around 8:15 p.m. by a gray sedan while stopped at a traffic signal on Southwestern Boulevard.

• A 15-year-old student at Orchard Park High School reported that someone stole her $400 iPhone.

Thursday, Feb. 28

• An Orchard Park woman reported getting numerous unwanted calls to her cellphone during February. She blocked the unknown number.

• An Orchard Park woman reported that she left her home unlocked and, upon her return, found things out of order in her bedroom and closet. There were no signs, however, of forced entry. Police advised the woman to keep her doors locked.

• An Orchard Park woman reported sending a check to a business for $1,000 to have security cameras installed at her residence. The business, however, has yet to install them. Police are investigating.

• Two Orchard Park teens were accused of trying to steal $306 worth of clothing items from Kohl’s on Amelia Drive. The teens, both 17, were charged with petit larceny after they were allegedly seen stealing on security cameras. One of them was also charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and not having pills in their original container.

Friday, March 1

• A group home resident, 28, reported that a staff member pushed her. The staff member, however, denies it. Child Protective Services is now involved.

• An Orchard Park woman reported that her daughter, who is in middle school, has been receiving harassing messages on Instagram.

Saturday, March 2

• A pickup not put into park reportedly rolled backward, striking a snowplow guidepost on Woodland Drive.

• A West Seneca man reported dropping off his vehicle at West Herr Subaru and, when he returned for it, found the license plates missing.

Sunday, March 3

• A 24-year-old West Seneca woman reportedly went through a Tim Hortons drive-thru three times, appearing to be falling asleep. She was charged with an aggravated DWI and no taillights.

(Editors note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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