Public Notices

— LEGAL NOTICE —   NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING POWER AUTHORITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK The Power Authority of the State of New York (“N Y PA ”) will hold a public hearing on a proposed contract for the sale of 15 MW of Expansion Power to Yahoo! Inc. Copies of the proposed sample agreement may be inspected […]

OB/GYN Associates of WNY accepting new patients

Although Dr. Carlos Santos has been leading OB/GYN Associates of WNY since the early 1990s, he said the practice has a history that dates back many more years. This includes using the 675-5222 telephone number for nearly 50 years. The line is in operation at the practice’s 3050 Orchard Park Road location. Santos said the practice is full service, doing […]

Better Business Bureau warns college students about identity theft

College students have enough to juggle when it comes to school, work and their social lives. Fighting fraud just doesn’t seem to make the list of priorities. According to the 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report released by Javelin Strategy and Research, more than 11 million people became victims of identity theft in 2009. Young adults aged 18 to 24 took […]

SafeLink offers plans for low-income residents

TracFone Wireless Inc. has announced that its federal Lifeline offering, SafeLink, will offer participants of the program in New York the choice of three monthly plans, including up to 250 minutes of free monthly talk time – nearly an hour more per month than is offered by other competitors. The new choices give low-income families up to 250 minutes of […]

State taking applications for health care plan

New York State is now accepting applications for NY Bridge Plan, the state’s pre-existing condition insurance program. The program is available to people with pre-existing conditions — those already ill — and who currently do not have health insurance. It will provide coverage starting Oct. 1 and is expected to enroll about 15,000 New Yorkers. NY Bridge Plan will provide […]

It’s never too early to prepare for cooler weather

With autumn approaching, National Grid reminds residents to identify areas around the home in need of energy efficiency enhancements before colder weather arrives. Small improvements such as replacing caulking around windows and doors not only save money on gas and electricity costs, but also help customers get the best value out of their heating and cooling equipment. Other tips include: […]


BNI schedules marketing breakfast meeting The Business Network International Executive Marketing Team will hold a breakfast meeting from 6:45 to 8:30 am. Tuesday, Aug. 31, at the Millennium Hotel and Resort, 2040 Walden Ave., Cheektowaga. The guest speaker is Debra Chase, of Wolf Agency, who will give a presentation on “Business Insurance: A Necessary Evil.” For more information, contact Chase […]

Talk show host’s choice of words isn’t about free speech

The issue has nothing to do with free speech. I’m speaking about the controversy involving radio talk show host Laura Schlessinger after the nationally syndicated broadcaster said the N-word 11 times during a recent program. To tell you the truth, I’m still trying to figure out what actually was more offensive: the actual sound bite in which she so casually […]

Microstamping ammunition would punish law-abiding gun owners

During this past legislative session, the state Senate considered passage of legislation that would have required all semi-automatic handguns, manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in the state, to be capable of microstamping ammunition. Over my entire legislative career, I have always protected the rights of legal gun owners, sportsmen and those who support our Second Amendment. When the […]

Spindle items

• NEAR CAN OF WORMS — I’m sure Town Board members must have cringed when Town Supervisor Janis Colarusso almost offered a resident an additional 29 minutes and 30 seconds to speak. As part of the Town Board’s rules of decorum, each resident has four minutes to speak. Town Attorney Leonard Berkowitz keeps the time, instructs Colarusso when that person […]