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2018-08-16 / Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Find another location for football fields

In developing the Webster Road greenway into a multi-field football complex with a parking lot, the town would be missing an opportunity for building new community partnerships while ruining a beautiful natural ecosystem.

Besides being home to diverse wildlife, including the endangered wood turtle, the greenway paths connect several neighborhoods, making it a truly unique place in our town. As it is town-owned property, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be put up to a vote.

Supervisor Patrick Keem has said the area is slated to be developed for recreational use, whether the football fields end up there or not. It is already in recreational use by many members of our community, young and old.

I urge the town to consider the plight of residents who, unlike Orchard Park Little Loop, may not be as visible, unified, or able to express how valuable undeveloped public spaces like this greenway are in contributing to our quality of life. The abundance of natural places to explore and play in draws people to Orchard Park.

If the fields are only needed for a “few weeks out of the year,” this is a perfect opportunity to partner with another organization. I commend the town for looking into sharing space with the Orchard Park Soccer Club. What about the field behind the YMCA off Eggert Road? What about a coalition with one of our neighboring towns? If Little Loop talent feeds into the high school, maybe they could allow access to their field at least for those two or three-night games.

There must be another facility that could foster a great new community partnership and provide a more cost-effective alternative than destroying one of the last wild meadows in town for a seldom used children’s field.

Loren Silvertrust Woodhaven Road Orchard Park

Retain de Rosas for town justice

I wanted to take the time to encourage all Orchard Park residents to re-elect Jorge de Rosas as our town justice.

I first met de Rosas in law school at the University at Buffalo. He was, and still is, a studious person. His intelligence and diligence are like no other.

Unknowingly, I moved across the street from him in Orchard Park and was there until I moved into the Village of Orchard Park. While there, I met his family — what a great family. He is a wonderful husband, father, friend and judge.

I am proud to say that de Rosas is a colleague and friend. He cares very much about our community and will continue to protect it upon his re-election.

Please get out there and vote — every vote counts. Let’s continue to make Orchard Park great and re-elect Town Justice Jorge de Rosas.

Shannon Fuhrman Trustee Village of Orchard Park

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