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2018-10-18 / Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

More details needed about Drug Court

I have recently seen a lot of advertising about moving ahead with creating a Drug Court here in Orchard Park.

While drug-related matters have not been prominent in my legal practice, many others in the legal profession are expressing serious concerns and doubts about the value and effectiveness of these programs.

We need to learn a lot more about them, their issues and their results before an informed decision can be made.

Are they an effective idea, or just another costly program that sounds like it solves a problem but really doesn’t?

We need to know more.

Leonard Berkowitz Jolls Lane Orchard Park

Voters should retain de Rosas

I have known Town Justice Jorge de Rosas for more than a decade and enjoy working with him as town justice.

He is a fair judge, very understanding when leniency is required, but does not hesitate to hand out a tough sentence to repeat offenders when necessary.

He listens attentively to everyone who appears before him and considers all factors before handing out his sentence. He works very well with both of the court clerks in our justice department and overall is well liked throughout town hall.

Outside the workplace, he is a dedicated, hardworking family man, great husband and father of two beautiful children.

My confidence in Town Justice Jorge de Rosas will be expressed on Election Day when he gets my vote for Orchard Park town justice.

I encourage all our residents to join me in support of him.

Patrick Keem Supervisor Orchard Park

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